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Site Finished!

Good news RCP, the site is now done!

We might get a good HTML soon and some good editing due to a good friend of mine, which can be found on the legends page. The main part of the site is now done.

If you have any suggestions for pages or weekly posts, please comment and tell me below, I read every comment on every post, and I will definitely  take your opinion into consideration! Oh, and dont forget, PLEASE PLEASE recruit and bring in new members everyone.

Remember, this IS  a small army, so once we get about 10 active, I will make a scheduled recruiting and maybe practice sessions. Please recruit and ask others if they would like to join over xat!


Site almost finished/RECRUIT MORE!

Good news everyone!

The site is almost finished, a few more things like pages and HTML’s will be added in time. Also remember, we will still be active during this time! We are recruiting until October 20th and then I will organize a recruiting session and make a few events we can be in.

These events will include practice battles with MAJOR armies, tactic practices, and a suit up on the ranking system. Oh, yeah, we demote too! This is a small army, but im not new to CP armies or CP in general. IVe been in every major army you can name since 2006. (Two thousand six, thats not a typo!).

Discipline is needed, of course this is just a game, but what I mean by that are demotions or patrol parties (not PARTY! but party as in groups of penguins patrol a server for a few minutes or hours in a week). So lets recruit some more and get huge!


RCP Recruiting!

I need all who want to join RCP to leave a comment on the join page. All who have done that need to recruit! We are a small army but we can get bigger! Lets go on servers and take them! Out capital server starting today on October the 2nd is Glacial. As of today no other army has this server according to CPAC and another small army news site. There might be conflicts in the future with this because we are not known, but we will get to the Top 10 someday, lets start now! Recruit Recruit Recruit! This will go on from OCTOBER2ND-OCTOBER20TH!